Hello, my name is Kelsey Willbur and I am currently a counselor in training.

I have a bachelors degree from Liberty University for Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I am working towards my masters in Clinical Mental Health counseling. I will soon be taking my National Counseling Certification which will allow me to become licensed in the state of Idaho once I have completed my internship hours. All academic courses have been completed and I am ready to finish the last year of my school journey.

Why have you wanted to become a counselor?

When I was a teenager my mother had passed away prematurely from alcoholic liver disease. I have a first hand account of how addiction affects not only the person who is addicted, but their families as well. I received counseling once she had passed and to this day I remember just how special the therapeutic relationship with my counselor was in my time of need. My father raised my brother and I on his own before meeting my step mother when I was in high school. My father, grandfather, uncle and great grandfather all served in the military (Marines and Navy). I have watched these members of my family struggle with their mental health from serving and I can connect with the stories they share as well. I originally received my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice because I wanted to assist those that had possibly been in the criminal justice system and needed to receive counseling without judgement. I personally know just how important it is to receive the help of a professional that truly cares and refrains from judgment.

How did you get here?

I am originally from South Carolina and have spent a lot of my adult life working in outdoor education. I have hiked the Appalachian Trail, worked as a white water raft guide, rock climbing instructor, ski instructor and a teen leader for the Montana Conservation Corps. I know more than anyone that all of our journeys are not the same and that life can take many different turns to end up happy, healthy and safe. While working with teenagers in various outdoor education programs I found that these programs did not encompass one of the most important aspects of the outdoors which is our minds and how we connect to each other and the world around us. I married the woman of my dreams in Bozeman, Montana 9 years ago and just five years ago we moved to the Treasure Valley. We just purchased our first home in Nampa and just received permanent guardianship of a teenager from this area. We have three dogs Juicy J, Stratton and Sasquatch. Sasquatch the poodle will soon be undergoing therapy dog training. When I am not working or going to school I can be found outside, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter and paddle boarding in the summer. If there is an activity outdoors I can usually be found around.



How do you counsel others?

With my past in mind I approach counseling as a journey or a walk together. The journey is not the same for everyone and the approach on how to help someone will never work the same for two people. I come to every session with an open mind and respect for what someone has been through. I have a special consideration for teenagers, children and their parents and currently work as a Habilitative interventionist for kids with special needs. My patience and kindness are what drives me to be so passionate about mental health care.

Where do you fit in?

Now that you have a piece of my walk through life, I want to be apart of yours. If you are ready to talk to someone who will meet you where you are and walk with you through the healing process then you have found the right person. I look forward to meeting you soon.