Hi.  My name is Brian Raymond.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Idaho.

I know how helpful it can be to get a feel for someone before making the decision to schedule an appointment with them. Deciding to get started with a new counselor can be nerve wracking for some so I want to do anything I can to ease that anxiety before our first session.
Here is a little information about me as if you were the one asking the questions:

Why are you a therapist?

Ever since I was a junior in High School I knew that I wanted to be a counselor.  I grew up in a very dysfunctional and broken home.  From an early age I wanted to help others to not have to go through what I went through.  I initially thought that I could “save everyone” but very quickly realized that people have to want the help and desire to change.   I am very motivated as a clinician to help those who are “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

What is your specialty or specialties, and what inspired you to pursue your specific therapy focus(es)?

I am a father and a husband and this is a role I take pride in and continue to grow and better myself in these roles.  This has been challenging at times because I grew up primarily without a father in my home. I know the struggle of having the responsibilities of a father and husband without having had a good example to reflect on and mimic. Because I’ve worked so hard to be better then the men that came before me, I have specialized in working with men…husbands and fathers because I get it. I know that struggle. I also specialize in marital therapy. I seek to provide a safe space for couples to explore the challenges they experience. Overall, I love what I do and I love helping people so when it comes right down to it I am a Generalist and am able to work with most demographics.

How does your family or history impact, clarify or add to your work?

Not just because of my upbringing but also from my years of experience as a counselor working with people from all walks of life, it has quipped me to understand and empathize with a vast majority of mental, emotional, and relational issues clients contend with.  I have a unique and personalized treatment approach inspired by my experiences.

What personal experience do you have that could be relevant or relatable to your ideal clients?

I have personally developed as a father and husband but also have done the work to be a healthy human.  I have been a client prior to and during my career as a therapist.  I know that therapy can be freeing and produce amazing results when there is an effective therapeutic alliance.

What makes you memorable?

Oh the stories I could tell! But seriously, I have always been a person that friends could come talk to and sought out to do so.  I continue to be the friend who is able and willing to listen. My guess is that is what people remember me the most for. It seems I was meant to be a counselor.

What is important to you outside of your work and what are your hobbies, passions and interests?

I try to prioritize the three F’s: Faith, Family, and Friends….in this order.

I love spending time with my wife and kids.  I am a coffee connoisseur and love going to both new and familiar coffee houses in search of the perfect cup.  I am heavily into music: I love collecting vinyl records as well as going to as many concerts as I am able to attend.  I additionally love Old Time Radio shows; the comedy and drama shows that existed prior to the advent of television.  My wife and I both love eating out at restaurants and love finding new places to eat that we have not been to before.

What makes you unique? Why would I want to come see you for counseling?

I have a deep empathy and understanding of most people across the majority of demographics.  I am non-judgmental as I try my best to put myself in the other person’s shoes and then see the situation from ALL angles. I gently help you see other angles too and we work together to help you meet the goals you started coming to counseling for. I see your counseling journey as a collaborative process.

What is your education / what degrees do you have as it relates to your therapy practice?

I have a Bachelor Degree in Social Work in addition to a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work.  Both degrees are from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, ID. I have 30 years of experience in both healthcare and mental healthcare in the Treasure and Magic Valleys.

Do you have any advanced or specific training?

I am a Clinical Supervisor for Master’s Level Social Workers that are seeking Clinical Licensure.  I am a Certified Forensic Social Worker specialized in profiling.  I am beginning the process of becoming a Certified Veterinarian Social Worker through the University of Tennessee.

Any public appearances, publications…?

I had a Counseling/Therapy column in Christian Living Magazine for a couple of years.

I am currently writing a book that will be comprised of 365 daily wellness moments.

I have guest hosted a call-in Christian counseling radio show on 790 AM/KSPD.

I have been the key-note speaker at many health care conferences and trainings.

“I know that therapy can be freeing and produce amazing results when there is an effective therapeutic alliance.”

Final thoughts and a question for YOU…

While everything you just read is about me, your counseling sessions are about you. I’m interested in hearing about and helping you. I take creating a safe space for you to share who you are and who you want to be very seriously.

Are you ready to experience growth and change? Are you ready to overcome that issue that you just can’t seem to figure out?

I’m here for you when you are ready.